Thursday, July 06, 2006


Time to change the rules on football management!

As an avid football fan I have just had to endure yet another quarter final exit on penalties in a major competition. But I am not going to write about that, or the bad run of luck England seem to get during this decisive period of a game. No that’s not what irks me today. I am going put down a few words about the running of football by greedy managers. I feel that enough is enough and managers of football teams need to be brought into line like the rest of us.

Scenario one: I apply and am successful in getting a new job where my performance will affect the position of the company. I accept that it is vital to the future of that company to perform well and ensure that I hit the targets which reflect this situation.

After a few months I am not doing what is asked of me, I have failed to meet the standards which have been set and this reflects on the company. What happens now? The fact is I will be sacked or asked to leave. Either way I will be removed from my post and a more suitable employee will be sought. If I am lucky I will be paid to the end of the month but more often than not I will be dismissed without further notice.

The same cannot be said about football management.

Scenario two: I get a job running a football team, after a few weeks the new players that have bought in are rubbish. The clubs wage bill has more than doubled and because of poor results attendance numbers have fallen drastically. Financially the decisions I am making are a disaster. What happens now? I will be sacked like any other under achiever but the difference being that I don’t mind. I will continue to receive my pay, and possibly even a great golden handshake. Free to enjoy my life to the fullest. I don’t have to worry about paying bills as the deal I have will mean that I will be financially secure, Even if the club I was working for could ‘go to the wall’ because of me.

Simple outcome could be:
If you are not doing your job in football then you should expect to receive a size 12 right up the arse. We should get rid of the greedy under achievers and hangers on who are slowly pricing the general public out of the game and move back towards the jumpers for goalposts type of football we all enjoyed as kids.


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